Message from a Librarian:

Thanks again for the wonderful program on Saturday! The kids really enjoyed it. One mom told me her son was frightened of dogs so he stood by the door and watched for a long time before finally being willing to try it. He was so excited after his first time reading, he read to every dog in the room! Thanks for making that kind of experience possible!

Message from a Mom:

My son reads with Misty at Madison School in Redondo Beach. I can not tell you how great this program has been for him. He loves Misty so much and so looks forward to his time with her that he doesn't even mind missing other events to be with her. His confidence in reading has grown and I can't thank you enough for that. I didn't fully realize what this program actually entailed but I'm glad I didn't resist. I'm glad that Madison school employs BARK as a learning tool for those in need of a little extra reading practice. I also want to thank you for the gift of the adorable pictures (one of which is already framed and in his room!) and the book!! My son will forever treasure these memories. Thank you sooooo much!

Message from Teachers:

We are so grateful for our 'Rockstar Reading Dogs' today. We are up to 34 kids who love to sit and practice their reading. Some of the students asked if they could bring books to read during the week and we have given them permission. We are so grateful to see those who are challenged overcome the obstacles. We are blessed by having this program.

Carolyn Hoover, Summer Day Care at Travis Ranch Elementary, Yorba Linda

I LOVE the program. Cathy and Nala are AMAZING!!! The principal, Eric Kilian, could not be more happy with the program. Thank you so very much for including our school in this wonderful program.

Maria Pinzon, Heideman Elementary, Tustin

I have to tell you that Alfie's visits have made a huge difference in the behavior in one of my students. He is difficult on the best of days on many levels. On Fridays, after he reads to Alfie, I see a huge ear to ear grin and his behavior improves dramatically. He feels special and it's been doing wonders for his confidence. His reading is improving also! I love BARK!
Lynn Hirth, teacher

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